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Wasps and Hornets

It is advisable not to attempt removing any wasp’s nests yourself as wasps can be very aggressive and will defend their nests with the utmost ferocity. With the average wasps nest containing between 8,000 and 10,000 individuals the probability of multiple stings is extremely likely, which at the very least will be painful, and in some cases can be life threatening. Attempting to block up the entrance to an active wasps nest is also futile as wasps will either chew their way out or seek an alternative exit which may lead to numbers of wasps coming into your home, either way the nest will remain active.


RDR Pest Management are experts when it comes to dealing with wasp and Hornet nests, so you can rest assured that when you call us out to deal with a wasps nest you will receive a 100% guaranteed effective treatment carried out by a fully qualified technician. When our technician arrives on site an initial assessment will be carried out to determine the most appropriate and safest way to deal with the nest. Experience and professionalism is paramount when dealing with wasps from deciding which method of control to use, to how any insecticide product should be applied, not only to achieve effective eradication but also to protect the surrounding environment and keep you, your family, pets and neighbours safe. Risk assessments, COSHH risk assessments and product safety data sheets are all available to our clients and a full service report detailing the treatment carried out and the product used is also provided.


We offer a same day service, and are available seven days a week; there are no additional charges for evening or weekend call outs. Our price for a wasp nest treatment has remained the same since 2011 and will remain the same for 2015. The Price for additional nests treated on site during the same visit will be charged at £10.00 per nest treated.

If for any reason wasp activity is still apparent 48hrs following the treatment, we will return and re-treat the nest for you free of charge.


RDR Pest Management are just a phone call away should you require advise on any pest control issues you may have, our advice is free and were always happy to help.

Guaranteed effective Wasp nest treatment and removal

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