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Rodent Control



  We provide treatment, Proofing, and advice regarding rodent infestations to both residential and commercial clients.


   Rats and mice are one of the more common problems which we are called upon to deal with,they can be at the very least a nuisance,

   but more importantly they can spread diseases such as Salmonella, Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, cryptosporidiosis to name but a few.

   Rats and mice in food businesses can not only damage stored products, but can also damage the business's reputation.


   There are several signs to look out for which will confirm the presense of rodents.




   Holes in floors and walls or burrows if outside.


   Smear marks

   A distinctive, musky odour may also be present.


   Grey squirrels will occasionally enter roof voids in search of warmth and shelter once inside they can cause a great deal of damage

   by gnawing cables, plastic pipes and destroying insulation.


   If you believe you have rats, mice or squirrels in you property give us a call.

Tel: 01227 363881

Mobile: 07936416637

tw Rats can block drains chewed lagging 002

Lagging chewed by squirrels



Wires chewed by squirrels

Rats can block drains

Smear marks

Smear marks left by rats

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Squirrel Damage to beam

Squirrel damage to roof beam.