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Prevention is better than cure


Harbourage and food sources.


Harbourage can be discribed as any location where pests find shelter. This includes: Sheds and outbuildings, wood piles, garden decking, compost heaps, rubbish piles, vegetation or any other place where pests can hide, shelter from the weather, avoid predators and reproduce. Simply by reducing the amount of harbourage in your garden or workplace you will make it a less hospitable place for pests to take up residence.

Avoid accumulations of rubbish which could attract mice and rats, Keep your garden shed or garage tidy and place all food waste in plastic bags seal them and put them into a lidded bin, It is preferable to store recyclable items outside and away from your home, but be sure rinse all containers thoroughly and make sure all recycle bins and other rubbish containers are cleaned frequently. Raise wooden sheds off the ground where possible and keep vegetation down, especially if it is close to the house, cut back any tree branches or shrubbery that touch your home as these act as bridges to the house giving rats, mice and squirrels easy access. Keep bird baths clean as stagnant water provides an ideal breeding ground for mosquitos also check for other items that may hold water such as buckets, old cans, paddling pools tarpaulins etc. By keeping your garden clean and tidy you will have already reduced the risk of a pest infestation.Having provided a suitable residence for the rats and mice and other pests they will also require a food source. Bird tables and feeders, compost heaps, rubbish bags, pet feed, vegetable plots, can all provide suitable feeding sites, by taking a few precautions these too can be eliminated.

Bird food scattered directly onto the ground can be very attractive to rodents, place all bird feed in appropriate feeders or on a bird table and put only enough feed for single day this will ensure no feed is left out overnight. Use squirrel proof bird feeders and if possible bring them in at night. Clear up any spilt nuts and seeds from beneath the feeding station.

Always store pet food in a bin with a tight fitting lid and do not leave feed or water bowls out overnight.

Compost bins should be placed on hard standing to discourage rats from burrowing up from underneath and should only be used for vegetable matter. Do not compost any animal products (fish, meat, chicken, or oils and fats).

Never pour grease and fats down the drain.



Check for gaps at the bottom of  doors, rodents can squeeze through the tightest spaces and gain easy access to your property, these gaps can be sealed by fitting a brush strip.

Check areas where pipe work enters property, again any gaps could encourage rats or mice to try and gain access.

Air bricks with gaps of more than 6mm could also allow access to mice and should be where possible fitted with mesh or rodent screens.

Check your roof for loose or missing tiles and that the eaves soffits and facias have no gaps where Rats, mice, or squirrels can gain entry.


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Good housekeeping and proofing can reduce or completely eliminate pest problems. We supply and fit a variety of proofing aids for use against rodents and insects, including brush strips, mouse mesh vent covers and fly screens.

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