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Bedbugs are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of mammals.

As bedbugs do not fly, they must either crawl or be passively transported in clothing, luggage, furniture, books and other objects used as harbourage.

Both juveniles and adults live similar lives, hiding away in cracks and crevices for most of the time and coming out at night, to feed on the blood of their sleeping hosts. Their hiding-places will be close to where their hosts sleep: in the bed frame or the Mattress; in furniture, behind the skirting, behind the wallpaper -anywhere that affords a dark harbourage during the daylight hours for these nocturnal creatures.

Their ability to withstand many months without feeding increases their chances of surviving transportation and the insects' very wide distribution throughout the world demonstrates their success.

Any household, Hotel, B&B, Hostel can be invaded by bedbugs, most bedbugs infestations found in domestic premises are usually in the bedrooms.

RDR Pest Management can eradicate your bed bug problem for you using a combination of effective treatments.

The Black Ant or common garden ant is normally the species that causes problems in domestic dwellings. RDR Pest Management can treat your ant problem using a combination of spraying and baiting, we will also provide you with help and advice on how to maintain an ant free home.

Tropical ants are much harder to control they are commonly found indoors and are associated with warm centrally heated buildings such as care homes and hospitals,but are being found more and more in domestic  properties. Effective control can only be gained by eliminating the nests which are usually hidden within the fabric of the building.




Cockroaches carry a number of diseases such as dysentery, gastroenteritis, typhoid, poliomyelitis and salmonella. This makes them a significant public health risk.

These nocturnal pests spend their days hiding in cracks and crevices close to sources of food and water such as cookers and sinks, and so in a majority of cases it is not until numbers begin to rise that people realize they have a problem. Cockroaches will eat practically anything, and after feeding from waste bins and germ infested drains, they may then move across stored foods and work surfaces spreading disease along the way.

Fleas can become a problem especially during the summer months, and usually in homes with cats or dogs, although they can also be found when moving into a home that previously had pets. We can provide you with advice and safe treatment to help prevent flea infestations


There are many different species of flies but the most common fly problems around homes are generally caused by the Common House Fly, Blow Flies, and Cluster Flies.

We can provide fly screens, electric fly killers, treatment and advise for any fly problem you may have.


Integratedted pest management relies on a combination of common-sense practices. It is used to manage pests, and damage caused by pests by the most economical means, and with the least possible hazard to people, property, and the environment.  .IPM programs include Monitoring and Identifing Pests, Prevention and Control.


We provide routine control programs or one off treatments for all types of pest insects.

Electric fly killers supplied,fitted and serviced.

Flyscreens for windows and doors.

Free surveys, quotations and advice.

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