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About squirrels

The Grey Squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) although not a native British species is now a very common sight across much of the U.K

It was introduced from North America during the late 19th Century and spread rapidly across the country.


Grey Squirrels cause damage to trees by bark stripping which can reduce the value of the timber, and some studies point the finger of blame at the grey for the decline of the red squirrel and certain woodland birds.


Grey squirrels will often enter roof spaces in search of a nest site or warmth and shelter, once a squirrel has gained access the damage they cause can be costly chewing wires, which may cause a fire, pulling up insulation, gnawing timbers or pipes, they can also be very noisy.

An adult grey squirrel is around 25cm long and weighs about 500g. The tail is longer than the head and body combined and is covered in bushy fur. Their coats are grey on the back and head with a white underside, in the summer months the coat on the back and head is brownish grey.


The most effective control method is to prevent entry by blocking holes, repairing loose or missing tiles and cutting back tree branches which overhang the roof.


Before carring out any repairs or proofing work be sure that no squirrels remain in the roof void.

Grey Squirrel (2)

Grey Squirrel

Sciurus carolinensis

red squirrel

Red Squirrel

Sciurus vulgaris

Animal Welfare Act 2006  


Wild Mammals (Protection) Act 1996  


Spring Traps Approval Order 1995


Grey Squirrel (warfarin order) 1973


Destructive Imported Animals Act 1932


Protection of Animals Act 1911

Legislation relating to squirrel control

RDR Pest Management offer several methods for the control of grey squirrels including spring traps, cage traps and warfarin bait. We also offer a proofing service which can be implemented once we are certain that all the squirrels have been removed from the roof void.

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