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RDR Pest Management only use the traditional method of catching moles using approved humane traps.

Duffus type trap

Modern and Tradional pest Management

If we don't catch your mole

  you don't pay a penny.


Rabbit control

There is said to be an estimated 38 million rabbits in the UK and their numbers are continuing to grow, a recent report indicates that the damage to crops runs to £263m a year.

Although the rabbit is classed as a non-native species in the U.K it has now become naturalized and has a role to play in the natural environment of the UK, and so complete eradication is not only impractical, but unnecessary, the aim should be to reduce rabbit numbers to levels at which the damage they cause is economically acceptable.

It is known that rabbit numbers can withstand high mortality rates from natural causes, and although not a natural cause, proof of their resilience is evident in the population’s recovery from myxomatosis.

Myxomatosis was illegally imported into the UK in 1953 and by 1955, about 95% of rabbits in the UK were dead. Today Section 12 of the Pests Act 1954 states, a person shall be guilty of an offence if he knowingly uses or permits the use of a rabbit infected with myxomatosis to spread the disease among uninfected rabbits.

Mole Trapping

I have been successfully trapping moles for a little over 12 years now, and can offer you a professional, efficient and effective service at a very competitive price.

RDR Pest Management only uses the traditional method of catching moles with approved humane traps. I Offer a free no obligation on site quotation, with a no mole no fee promise. Trapping is the most environmentally friendly and humane method to control moles. I do not use any Chemicals, Gases or Poisons.

Squirrel Control

Squirrels will often enter roof spaces looking for warmth and shelter, once in they can cause structural damage by pulling up loft insulation to use as bedding, chewing timbers, plastic pipework, lagging, stored items, and stripping the insulation from electrical wiring. For these reasons, it is necessary to remove them as quickly as possible. Once the squirrels have been removed the acces point will need to be sealed up to prevent access by other squirrels or birds, wire netting with a mesh size no larger than 25mm should be used, and any missing roof tiles, damaged or rotten soffits should be replaced or repaired. It is essential to ensure that no squirrels are in the roof void when the access point is blocked.

If you are having problems with Rabbits, Moles or Squirrels call us for a free no obligation quotation.

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