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Bird Control Kent


We all enjoy watching the pigeons in the park, and a day on the coast would not be the same without the sound of gulls, but when you can’t walk down your street or spend time in your garden without getting bombarded, or enjoy a meal alfresco at your favourite café without pigeons trying to share it, then some sort of level of control needs to be put in place.

Pigeon droppings not only cause damage to buildings and look unsightly but can carry a number of diseases which could cause health issues. Excessive fouling on footpaths can lead to slips and falls. Gulls have been responsible for damaging paintwork on cars and can be quite intimidating especially if the nest is on your or one of your neighbours roofs. Nesting materials from both species can block gullies, rainwater pipes and guttering which can lead to flooding.

With all forms of pest control prevention is better than cure yet year after year money is being spent by businesses, councils and home owners on cleaning up the mess or repairing the damage caused, (mainly by pigeons and gulls) without addressing the root cause. Denying these birds food, shelter and nest sites will have a natural effect in reducing numbers and therefore reducing the damage caused.

While we are unable to anything about denying them a food source, we are able to prevent them using your buildings as roosting or nesting sites.


Bird Netting can be used in a wide variety of situations large or small and once properly installed affords complete exclusion.

Anti-Perching Spikes are an excellent deterrent against both pigeons and gulls, they can be fitted to virtually any surface and are ideal for the edges of roofs, window sills, satellite dishes, ledges, pipes and guttering.

Sprung Wires are a discreet and effective deterrent where the asthetics of the building need to be maintained.

All of the above products are effective against gulls in addition special chimney spikes to prevent them nesting against the stack are available.

Bird free gel also know as fire gel or optical gel this works because birds see ultraviolet light so it appears to them as fire and they wont go near it, ideal for light to medium pressure situations.


Other options If you have a bird problem and would like to discus your requirements the please give us a call to arrange a free site survey.

RDR Pest management use Harris Hawks for bird control Female Harris Hawk used by RDR Pest Management Pigeon spikes fitted to window ledge by RDR Pest Management Pigeon Guano before gel installation Bird free Gel in place

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